If you Google “internet sweater guy,” you’ll discover Samuel Barsky. He’s earned a degree of web fame for knitting sweaters depicting tourist destinations and then having his picture taken at those spots wearing the sweater. Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, the Hollywood sign, Niagara Falls, Western Wall, Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower are just a sampling.
Two hats Barsky has knitted.Two hats Barsky has knitted.
But sweaters aren’t Barsky’s only projects. The intrepid knitting traveler told Modern Healthcare that one of his knitting groups, Tiny Toppers of Maryland, donates infant hats to suburban Baltimore hospitals.

“One of the groups I ended up joining specifically had the purpose of making baby hats to donate to hospitals. I didn’t know that when I first joined. But I had already made friends with some of the people in it. And I felt bad not contributing to the cause when I was already attending,” Barsky said.

The Sweater Guy says he actually didn’t know how to knit hats before joining Tiny Toppers. Nowadays, he tries knitting two to three hats a month. “Most of the time, I knit sweaters. The hats are just something extra I do on the side for charity. Mostly, I work on the hats when I can only carry a small project with me,” he said.

Barsky plans to never stop doing what he enjoys doing. “I am hoping to be able to use my fame one day for a good cause.” It sounds like he already found one.