The social app is still competing with Instagram for users’ attention, and it’s hoping that enabling people to send and receive endless snaps will entice more use.

By Kevin Allen | Posted: May 17, 2017

For months, Instagram and Facebook have been launching features to help it compete with rival Snapchat.

Now, the companies seemed to have reversed roles, with Snapchat launching its own new features to help it compete.

Specifically, Snapchat introduced a feature that will enables users’ images and videos to be viewed ad infinitum. Previously, snaps were ephemeral, set to self-destruct after a single view. Snapchat “Infinity” offers limitless snaps and looping videos that will more closely resemble what Instagram gives its users.

You don’t have to use the new feature, however: Users have option to send disappearing messages that will delete once the receiver has viewed them.

Snapchat currently boasts close to 160 million daily active users around the world. Though the number is impressive, the app still has catching up to do compared to Instagram’s 200 million daily active users for its “Stories” feature (which it copied from Snapchat).

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Perhaps more telling, a recent Captiv8 study found that 57 percent of social media “influencers” are posting more on Instagram than Snapchat. Instagram “Stories” also generate 35 percent more views for brands than Snapchat stories, according to a study from the video company dubdub.

Snapchat is hoping that added photo and video editing features also will help differentiate it from competitors and further entice users. With the new tools, users can paint with emoji streaks and use “magic” erasers.

Capturing the attention and use of consumers will continue to be paramount to Snapchat, especially because it offers advertising opportunities to marketers.

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