Rachelle Blake has led teams through the development, implementation, and optimization of health IT for more than 30 years, and has learned – and taught – a thing or two about instilling value in healthcare.

“Since she was five years old, the language and culture of caring that clinicians operate in when they begin to practice medicine fascinated Rachelle Blake, writes Adam Bazer, senior manager, health information systems, HIMSS North America. “Entering that culture herself as a physician assistant in the 1980s, Blake relished all the joys and sorrows that attend delivering health at the point of care.”

Blake is based in Germany and leads her firm, the Omni Family of Companies, in the performance of health information and technology consulting for several Transatlantic cooperative initiatives. She is also a recipient of the​ HIMSS 2016 Most Influential Women in HIT Award.

Bazer weaves Blake’s experience into an essay on how to translate value into 21st Century healthcare.

“Like the early pioneers who saw the frontier and headed west, Blake observed the impact that information technology was going to have on the delivery of healthcare,” Bazer writes. “As a result, she moved from a familiar culture to a new and fast-evolving one, writing translations along the way between the languages of delivering care and delivering code.”

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