OpenNotes was awarded the Health Data Liberator Award at Academy Health’s Health Datapalooza in Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon.

Started in 2013, the Health Data Liberator Award recognizes organizations that make data available for use and accelerate data sharing in the healthcare industry.

“While we should absolutely celebrate the team effort on data liberation, that’s not the same as getting everyone on the same page,” DocGrapher CEO Fred Trotter said in announcing OpenNotes as the winner. “To do that you have to do something else.”

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“This recognition means a lot to us,” said OpenNotes Co-Founder Jan Walker. “It’s a real hope that this will nudge more providers to adopt this approach to openness… We are indebted to countless providers who have expanded on our original idea of opening notes to patients.”

OpenNotes Co-Founder Tom DelBanco, MD was a bit more direct in his acceptance speech: “She wants to give you a nudge, I want to give you a kick. … Every medicine developed is designed for the greater good of the people, which is the core foundation of OpenNotes, said DelBanco. “It’s freedom of choice.”

The organization has faced pushback, as adoption requires a huge culture change. DelBanco said that doctors are used to being in control of their notes and have provided plenty of excuses for why they don’t want to participate in open note sharing — including calling OpenNotes another technology platform.

“But it’s not technology: It’s give me the damn note,” said DelBanco. “I don’t want you to just nod your head in agreement. I want you to leave here to do something about it. We believe this is the standard of care. We think clinicians will be saved by patients. We think they need to get together with a transparent exchange of information.”

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