Northwell Health will deploy wireless technology from Peerbridge Health to improve the remote medical monitoring of its patients by using wearable sensors.

The move is part of a strategy to “introduce disruptive technologies that will help shape the future of healthcare delivery,” said Northwell CEO Michael Dowling in a statement.

Northwell, the largest healthcare provider in New York, recently partnered with Peerbridge on a clinical trial to assess the company’s Peerbridge Cor electrocardiogram monitor.

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The device was compared to other heart monitors, and proved itself “superior to the current Holter monitor standard,” said Nicholas Skipitaris, MD, chief of electrophysiology at Lenox Hill Hospital, in a statement.

“Not only did the Peerbridge Cor deliver excellent, multi-channel, analyzable data, but it delivered less motion artifact and fewer false positives,” he said.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention project that cardiovascular diseases will cost the U.S. healthcare industry more than $818 billion by 2030. Northbridge hopes making use of more efficient monitoring tools can help to improve treatment and outcomes to reduce the costs associated with heart disease.

Peerbridge Cor is currently under FDA review and is expected to receive clearance later this year.

“Our vision is to help consumers partner with their physicians through easily accessible remote monitoring options,” said the company’s CEO Arthur Bertolero in a statement. “Northwell has been a strong strategic partner, sharing our passion to bring effective digital solutions to consumers and health professionals with the highest medical standard.”

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