PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards celebrates original and curated content that drew overwhelming attention.

By Ragan Staff | Posted: May 17, 2017

Our digital age makes finding just about anything as simple as typing a few
words into a search box on your computer.

Finding quality trustworthy content, however, can be more difficult.

Nobody questioned your content, though. In fact, you were the go-to
destination for reliable information in your industry.

Whether curated or original, you shared content that achieved remarkable
engagement, capitalized on the latest social trends or even attained
content immortality with a viral video.

The launch of PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards allows us to
celebrate the content that was invaluable to your audience and drove
outstanding traffic to your product or service.

The Content Marketing Awards honors communicators who helped boost their
brand’s reputation as an industry leader. Whether your blog fused
interesting topics with informative material, your content-oriented website
stood out in an oversaturated market, or you were able to attract the best
and brightest talent in your industry with a captivating video or
interview, you deserve recognition for your ability to give your audience
what it craves and use that to your brand’s advantage.

We’re featuring 18 categories, including:

* Best Article

* Best Content Series

* Best Influencer Content Marketing

* Best Real-Time Content

* Best Viral and Trending Content Marketing

* Best Video

* Grand Prize: Content Marketing Strategy of the Year

We are also introducing the subcategory, “Content marketing for the purpose
of …”

* Brand Awareness

* Brand Loyalty

* Customer Engagement

* Talent Recruitment

Enter now to receive the recognition you deserve for your content