Mountains and mountaineering make for popular imagery in the advertising world, but sometimes they don’t jibe with the product being sold.

Jeep marketers steered a safe route with footage of a Grand Cherokee barreling up a rock-strewn mountain stream; and Apple was on OK footing naming its operating systems with lofty terms like High Sierra and El Capitan.

But Agile Health Insurance left itself unduly exposed to the elements when it used a photo of two mountain climbers to promote a short-term health insurance plan that doesn’t cover injuries due to … mountain climbing. Brought to Outliers’ attention by a tweet from Larry Levitt, a senior vice president with the Kaiser Family Foundation, others on Twitter also took note, adding comments like: “But people healthy enough to go mountain climbing are definitely welcome?”

An outside spokesman provided a statement on behalf of Agile: “Mountain climbing is excluded in this insurance policy. However, the brochure picture is of two people hiking, an aspirational image of healthy behavior.”

And the plan’s name? Everest, of course.