Before you hit publish, make sure your SEO bases are covered.

By Robby Brumberg | Posted: May 4, 2017

Publishing content today is about so much more than writing and editing.

You must account for search engine optimization (SEO), social media, images, formatting, mobile device compatibility and dwindling attention spans. Incorporating SEO strategy into your copy, especially, is crucial—if you want anyone to discover your work.

Commpro has published a helpful SEO checklist infographic to walk you through the modern-day content optimization process. It offers reminders to button up your backend work with relevant title tags and meta descriptions and gives tips for optimizing on-page elements such as appropriate keywords, links, featured images and subheads.

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The graphic also provides guidance for grabbing readers’ attention and spicing up your messaging mix with video, audio and different types of images.

All 21 steps in the checklist have SEO implications, which determines how high up the page you rank in Google, and, ultimately, how you’re perceived. Read through the infographic below to ensure you’re wringing every ounce of SEO juice out of your content.