Digital seminars can be a great way to offer content while increasing leads (and, hopefully, your customer base). Follow these tips to make sure your next online event is well attended.

By Anna Johansson | Posted: May 15, 2017

So, you’ve decided to conduct a webinar to improve business.

That’s great, but do you have a strategy for getting people to attend? If you’re taking the time to create a webinar, you should make sure you have an audience. That’s where marketing comes into play.

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Trying to reach people with a webinar without investing in marketing is like trying to drive a nail without a hammer. Thankfully, webinar marketing isn’t really all that different from any other type of marketing. The goal is to drive people to your signup page and persuade them to participate.

Follow these four steps:

1. Nail the signup page. If you don’t get that right, you won’t get the participation you want. Keep it simple and concise. A brief description with a three- to five-field opt-in form should suffice.

2. Share through social media. Online platforms are ideal marketing channels for webinars. You can reach the masses and consistently drip updates and reminders up until the webinar start time. Still, you can’t just make announcements about the webinar. Highlight a common problem, and offer your webinar as the solution. 

For example, you might publish a piece of content on LinkedIn discussing the pervasive problem of shopping cart abandonment and how costly it is to e-commerce companies. Then, as a solution to this issue, you offer the webinar, which discusses ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

3. Establish the right time. Getting people to sign up is only half the battle. You want people to attend the webinar to maximize your exposure and so they will become your customers. 

Timing is crucial. Data show that Wednesdays and Thursdays are best for webinars. Weekends are off-limits, and Mondays and Fridays fill up with catchup work and last-minute tasks. Early afternoons midweek are best if you have a business-oriented audience.

4. Focus on the audience’s needs. That should be reflected in everything you do. This signup page from Industry Week is a good example. Though a bit too crowded, it focuses on the needs of the audience and addressing how those needs will be discussed.

By prioritizing marketing for your next webinar, you can increase the buzz surrounding your event and maximize signups.

Anna Johansson is a freelance writer, researcher and business consultant. She also is a columnist for Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and more. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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