More than 70 percent of people surveyed say their provider’s website could be more useful.

By Danielle Quales | Posted: May 30, 2017

Is your hospital website designed for patients? If it’s not, they’ll be frustrated and unhappy.

Need proof? Kentico Software’s recent survey reveals that 71 percent of people believe their health care providers’ website could be more helpful.

The research also uncovered a list of the top “wish list” items that patients want. Look at the top three items. (Editor’s note: The hospitals mentioned below are clients of the author’s employer.)

  • Make it easier to connect. The “Contact Us” page—with its prominent location in the top site navigation—provides multiple options for reaching Houston Methodist. Patients can use an online form to schedule appointments or make an appointment using a local, toll-free or international-friendly phone number. The Texas-based hospital also provides clear contact information for billing questions and career opportunities.

  • Offer an easy way to find information and have questions answered. El Camino Hospital ’s new website features simple navigation that connects users with answers to their health care questions. The home page even provides estimated emergency department wait times. This newly redesigned website organizes relevant information in a structure that makes sense to patients, not just to hospital personnel.
  • Post professional biographies. We worked with Washington, D.C.-based MedStar Health to develop personalized provider biographies for its website. In most cases, we interviewed employees to gather details about their education, experience, clinical expertise and personal interests. Hospitals and practices that include provider biographies on a health care website help patients to connect with their physician, nurse or midwife.

Based on this list, what changes should you make to your website?

Danielle Quales is a writer at WriterGirl Associates, a health care marketing firm. The original version of this post was published here .

Published July 2016